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Welcome to Intelligence West:

With a legacy spanning 32 years, we stand as a beacon of trust and expertise in the world of asset search. As a licensed private investigation firm, we’ve mastered the art of discovery.

Your Asset Locate Experts:

Our seasoned team conducts asset investigations with precision and dedication, whether it’s legal recovery or intricate discovery. We’re not just experts; we’re your partners in success.

Trusted by Professionals:

From private investigators to attorneys and collection agencies to judgment enforcement professionals, our services are the gold standard in the industry. We’re the name that experts trust.

Asset Searching for All:

But we don’t stop at professionals. Our doors are open to the general public, offering the same world-class asset-searching services. Whether you’re an individual or an organization, your search ends here with Intelligence West.

Join us, and let’s uncover the possibilities together.

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Unlock Success with Our Expertise:

With our specialized skills, we’re not just finding assets but crafting solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Safeguard Your Future Today:

Don’t leave your legal rights and financial security to chance. Conduct a pre-litigation asset search with us, and take control of your destiny.

Make Informed Decisions with Confidence:

Our comprehensive asset investigations equip you with the vital information you need. Decide whether to pursue legal action with clarity and assurance.

Maximize Your Legal Recovery:

Asset searches aren’t just a process but a strategy. Let us help you identify the defendant’s assets so you can recover the maximum possible damages in a court of law. Your victory is our mission.

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We provide you with crucial asset information needed to resolve divorce matters, collect child support, collect alimony, collect judgments, pursue personal injury cases, and more.

We provide service in any state. Need a nationwide asset search?

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Intelligence West is a licensed private investigative company with over 30 years of asset investigation experience in locating and identifying assets before they can be hidden or transferred.

Service Available in ALL 50 States

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Hidden Bank Accounts

Finding hidden bank accounts can be a difficult task. However, with the help of a good bank account search professional, it can be a lot easier.

Bank account searches can help you find bank accounts that are hidden from the public eye. Banking information can benefit people involved in civil litigation or looking for money to satisfy a judgment.

Additionally, bank account searches can help you determine if someone is trying to hide money from you, such as in a divorce matter.

You can access all the information you need to make informed decisions using a bank account search professional.

Bank and Brokerage

Unlock your financial discovery potential with our all-in-one combo package! Dive deep into a thorough search for liquid assets across banks and investment platforms. Experience the ultimate in financial clarity.

Judgment Collection

Bank account locate services can be incredibly beneficial for judgment collection efforts.

These services are designed to help find bank accounts that may be in the name of the individual or business against whom a judgment has been issued.

By identifying these accounts, you can take the necessary steps to garnish the funds to collect on the debt owed.

Our bank account locate services utilize various tools and techniques to identify potential accounts, including advanced data analytics and proprietary sources.

This information can be incredibly valuable for the judgment holder, allowing them to take action quickly and efficiently to collect on the judgment.

Judgment Collection

Pre-litigation Intelligence

We offer access to data unavailable to the public and can be invaluable in preparing for litigation. A pre-litigation asset search will provide substantial intel on your subject.

We work hard to identify potential risks and utilize our expertise in business operations, accounting, and financial matters, as well as forensic investigations, to determine if civil litigation or criminal prosecution should be pursued.

Are you looking for a reliable asset locate company to help you find people and assets?

Asset investigations are the key to understanding the actual financial background of your subject.

Look no further than Intelligence West. We have over 30 years of experience locating people and assets and are here to help you.

Asset Search Investigations

Would you like to know precisely what assets your target has? Business relationships, bank accounts, real estate holdings, motor vehicles, and other assets?

Are you tired of losing time and money not knowing how to get the needed information? As asset locate experts, we have the solution!

Our asset investigations give you comprehensive and accurate information on an individual or business – so you can focus your efforts on the correct targets.

Maybe you need to check on a business partner or investigate a new client.

Divorce Investigations

Perhaps you’re going through a divorce and want to ensure your spouse isn’t hiding assets.

Need to know about an asset like retirement accounts or personal property?  Let us find out what is out there.

Whatever the reason, having comprehensive and accurate asset information is crucial.

Our research is reliable and legal – giving you the peace of mind that comes with ethical practices.

We offer customized solutions to fit your needs because we understand that every case differs.

Remember that asset investigations can provide a wealth of unknown information about your spouse.

Comprehensive Asset Search

Our investigative asset report provides the most comprehensive financial information on your subject. 

Providing detailed business ownership, banking relationships, real property ownership, liabilities, and more. 

A person’s financial background is crucial for litigation and business background. For a detailed listing of what is provided, click here.

Type of Asset Search

The type of asset search you require will vary. If you are unsure what type of investigation you require, please get in touch with us for guidance.

Disclaimer: I am a licensed private investigator (CA P.I. License No: 17342). I provide financial investigative services to law firms, collection agencies, and private individuals.

This information is utilized to collect on civil judgments and other legal matters.

All information is obtained legally and within the GLB Act guidelines.

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Bank Account Searches

Bank Account Searches

Checking, savings, money market accounts, C.D.s. Accounts located for individuals, corporations, LLCs

Investigative Asset Reports

Investigative Asset Reports

Investigative asset reports provide
comprehensive details that list the assets and
liabilities of an individual or

Brokerage Account Searches

Brokerage Account Searches

Brokerage/investment accounts. Divorce matters, judgment collection, pre-litigation intelligence.

Skip Tracing Services

Skip Tracing Services

Skip tracing services to
locate a witness, defendant, or debtor.
Our unique sources give us the
ability to find those you seek.

Asset Search Expert - Joseph Espinosa

Joseph Espinosa
CA P.I. Lic #17342


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