Brokerage Account Searches

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What is a Brokerage Account Search?

The most common type of personal account with substantial holdings is the brokerage or investment account.

These types of accounts are prime targets for judgment collection matters due to their high cash value.

Investment accounts are not protected by the FDIC like bank accounts. A well-experienced asset investigator can locate these types of accounts legally and effectively.

Reasons To Conduct a Brokerage Account Search

Collecting on a Debt or Judgment / Divorce Matters

When it comes to locating assets, an experienced investigator can be a huge help. They can often find brokerage/investment types of accounts legally and discreetly without any trouble.

This can be a huge help for those looking to collect on a debt or want to know what their ex-spouse is up to financially.

By hiring an experienced asset investigator, you can get the information you need quickly and efficiently, without any drama. Especially if your subject maintains hidden assets.

Due Diligence on a Potential Investor

A potential investor may claim to hold substantial assets. But does he or she really hold financial power?

When meeting with a potential investor, it’s important to understand their financial situation.

Many times an individual will claim to have a substantial amount of assets, but upon further examination, it may be revealed that they do not actually hold any significant financial investments.

This could be due to a number of factors, such as poor money management or high levels of debt.

It’s important for the potential investor and the individual meeting with them to be aware of any red flags that may suggest the individual is not in a strong financial position.

Offshore Accounts No Longer Viable

Many people prefer to hide their assets using offshore bank accounts, trusts, shell companies, and other financial vehicles.

However, with stricter laws regarding offshore accounts and tax evasion in place, it has become increasingly difficult for individuals to maintain hidden assets.

More and more people are now keeping their money on American soil in brokerage accounts.

Thus, a brokerage account search is a valuable tool for attorneys and those attempting to collect a debt.

Brokerage Account Searches to Collect Child Support.

Child Support Collection

When attempting to collect child support judgment, a brokerage account search is a good place to start.

When a non-custodial parent falls behind on child support payments, the custodial parent often needs to take legal action to get the money they are owed.

One way to locate the non-custodial parent’s assets is to search their brokerage account. This can provide information on stocks, bonds, and other investments that the non-custodial parent may have.

If the assets are located in a brokerage account, the custodial parent can then work with a lawyer to try to seize those assets as payment for the child support that is owed.

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Where Can Brokerage Account Searches be Performed?

Brokerage searches can be conducted in any of the fifty states within the United States. Intelligence West maintains sources that provide outstanding coverage throughout the U.S.

How Long Does a Brokerage Account Search Take?

Brokerage accounts can be located within 10 to 15 business days.

These types of searches are a more thorough asset investigation and require a little more time than a typical asset search.

Who Do I Contact to Conduct a Brokerage Account Search?

A licensed and experienced private investigation firm that specializes in asset investigations is key if you want to obtain reliable results. It is best to shop around and speak with various experienced asset investigators.

Ask lots of questions before you decide on who will conduct the asset investigation. Many reliable asset search firms will provide a free consultation.

Intelligence West has been conducting asset searches for decades and has the experience to get you results.

What Type of Asset Search Do I Need?

Typically brokerage account investigations and asset reports are utilized when looking to satisfy a judgment recovery of $25k or more.

Also, it is used for asset discovery for civil litigation circumstances. Investment accounts typically hold larger sums of money than bank accounts.

If you are attempting to recover less than $25k then bank account searches are the most cost-effective solution.

Can You Collect My Judgment?

We do not offer judgment recovery services. We only locate assets.

Feel free to ask and we would be happy to refer you to a judgment recovery specialist.

We know that it may be challenging to determine what you need to accomplish. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We will be happy to talk with you.