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My name is Joseph Espinosa. I am the owner of Intelligence West.  I started my career in 1991, working asset investigations full time for a licensed investigative firm in Los Angeles.

In 1997 I studied for and received my own private investigator license and started Intelligence West.  Over the course of 30 years I have worked thousands of complex asset investigations all over the United States. Locating assets and skip tracing is a skill that takes years of experience to develop.

I have investigated numerous celebrities, sports figures and everyday people who had become debtors on judgments, involved in embezzlement or contract disputes.   No case is ever the same.  The vast array of asset investigations encompassing all over the United States has help me hone my skills to what they are today.  If you have questions regarding asset investigations, please feel free to contact me.

Let my experience bring you success in your quest for financial information.

– Joseph Espinosa
Intelligence West
CA P.I. License #17342

Proud member of C.A.L.I.

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