Investigative Asset Reports


What are Asset Reports and What do They Contain?

An investigative asset report provides very comprehensive background details that list the assets and liabilities of an individual or company.

This type of report is used to determine an individual’s or company’s financial background.

This type of report is commonly used for pre-litigation, due diligence, and for collection of large judgments.

Investigative Asset Reports Conducted on Two Laptops

Contents of an Asset Report

An asset report on an INDIVIDUAL will include the following:

-Personal Identifiers-Source of Income-Subject’s Current Location-Officer & Director Search-Fictitious Business Name Search-All Personal Banking Relationships Statewide-Statewide Real Property Search-UCC-1 Index Search-Civil Litigation in County of Residence (Superior or equivalent)-Public Records Search (bankruptcies, state & federal tax liens, judgments)-Aircraft Ownership-Motor Vehicle Ownership

An asset report on a BUSINESS will include the following:

-Entity’s Current Business Locations-Secretary of State / Entity Status-Fictitious Business Name Search-All Business Banking Relationships Statewide-Statewide Real Property Search-UCC-1 Index Search-Public Records Search (bankruptcies, state & federal tax liens, judgments)-Civil Litigation in County Where Business is Conducted (Superior or equivalent)-Aircraft Ownership-Motor Vehicle Ownership

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Real Estate Asset - 2 Story Luxury White House with Pool

Customized Asset Reports:

If there is a need to include a search for brokerage/investment accounts on your subject, please let us know and we can provide a quote that includes this information.

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Where Can Asset Reports be Conducted?

We can conduct asset reports in any of the 50 states within the United States.

How Long Does it Take to Complete an Asset Report?

An asset report is very complex and thorough. Our usual turnaround time is about 10 business days.

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Who Can Perform an Investigative Asset Report?

Your results depend on an experienced licensed private investigator. An experienced licensed investigator will be sure to follow all the legal guidelines and provide outstanding results.

A valid private investigator license number should be visible on the website when researching investigators.

If the P.I. license is not visible, then you should ask about it. Make sure you are dealing with a licensed private investigator to avoid costly mistakes and possible legal ramifications.

Intelligence West is a fully licensed private investigation firm conducting investigative asset reports for over 30 years.

An investigative asset report will give you comprehensive asset and liability details in order for you to take quick action on your subject. It will contain key information regarding the asset types and the current value of any asset found.

Your ability to have a detailed asset and liability summary is a powerful tool that will give you an edge.

Cold Hard Cash One Hundred Dollar Bills

The most prized asset is cold, hard cash. This will be found in banks, credit unions, and brokerage firms.

This type of asset is the most sought-after because it is the easiest to garnish. Intelligence West has located millions of dollars of cold hard cash for many satisfied clients.

The second most valuable type of asset is real estate holdings, which include houses, condominiums, vacant land, or commercial property.

The current values of these properties are important information and are detailed in each report summary.

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Hidden Assets

A comprehensive reporting of an individual’s business affiliations may reveal shell companies. These shell companies have no real business purpose other than to hide assets.

An asset report will show all corporations or LLCs associated with an individual. If various entities show up with no known business telephone numbers or business operations, then there is a good chance these entities may be used simply to hide or hold assets.

Investigative asset reports are crucial tools for most pre-litigation matters. Knowing a subject’s worth or liability details gives one the ability to create an accurate evaluation and plan of action.

We believe our investigative asset reports show valuable insight into any individual or business.